Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Of Randomness

Hello my loyal subjects. Today I'm just going to spill whatever random stuffs that had happened throughout my absence here.

All I did was nothing productive.

Scratch that.

Random #1:
I actually won a 500gb hard disk. For the first time, in my whole 20 years of existence, I've won something. Well, I mean something that's worth and useful and expensive. I'm actually starting to feel that I'm not all unlucky. :) Totally made my day hehe.

Random #2:
As I was walking through the aisle of cosmetic/medicine products in Giant few days ago, a really good looking guy said "Hello, *and something else I forgot, forgive my memory*" as I walked pass him. Totally shocked and somewhat blinded by his handsomeness I promptly replied "Hi!" and quickly walk towards where I was going before he could see my face turn red tomato lolol. I was thinking maybe he knew me. Like, who would actually just so randomly greet someone? Some more that time I dressed like an aunty.

Random #3:
Being the third person really is...sad.

Hold on. I know what you're thinking.. I'm not ruining a relationship for goodness' sake. I'm talking about in a group of 3 friends, one of them (the third person) will definitely get left out. The victim of the unfortunate event is yours truly. I don't know if they even realize. They probably don't. Okay, I'm sure they don't.

But then, I'm not interested in stuffs they do as bffffffs. Eg: pinching each other, calling each other wife/bitch, pulling each other's hair (I'll be so goddamn annoyed if they do that to me honestly lol), have some pointless giddy arguments (I'd rather not contribute to noise pollution). And sometimes they just keep things to themselves I didn't even want to bother asking them either. Sometimes I just prefer to isolate myself from them. I guess I'm just the odd one out.

Random #4:
Why is everybody asking me to get a boyfriend? Bitch please, I don't need one.

Okay in all seriousness, I'm not looking for one or looking forward to having one so soon. Heck, I actually pictured myself not having a partner ever lol. Of course he'll be one who would actually make my life more interesting but...well you can say that I haven't actually found anyone I'm willing to put on make up and dress nicely for (I'm effortless like that) yet. And in all honesty, I don't see why people would be attracted to me. I'm so uncool and uninteresting.

I do however, have a crush on this guy. An innocent crush okay.. He's not good looking (but cute) nor have a nice body (slightly round?). He does have a lot of charisma and a personality I admire though. It's like they're beaming! And that's all I'm revealing because I'm a bitch ngehehe.

Random brooding #5:
Sometimes I feel bad for hating someone I know very well I shouldn't. This person, however, keeps giving me the reason to hate him/her. I just get really depressed at the fact that I don't know if I hate or love him/her more. :'(

That's all for today......

Thursday, May 23, 2013

My favourite breakfast

Just something I'd like to share. My own creation! Okay maybe not entirely my creation, definitely somebody else thought of it long before I did but hey, who's actually unique and original these days? Don't you try to debate that.

What is it? Neslo Oats. I love it enough to declare it my favourite breakfast. I swear I can eat this every morning, but I try to reduce consumption to maybe once or twice a week because it's not exactly weight-friendly (sugar from milo) if you know what I mean. Oh why do I have such thing as my favourite breakfast.

Pretty darn simple to make you don't even need brains to do it- just saying. What you need is a mug, teaspoon, milo powder, black coffee and some oats. Of course hot water too unless you're weird and like it dry.

So usually I put 3 *huge* tsp of milo powder (I have no mercy when it comes to milo powder), 1 tsp of coffee and 5 tsp of oats. You can play around with the ratio depending on your taste.

And then of course with hot water, it becomes this:

Trust me, it tastes better than it looks.

You get a kick of caffeine, sweetness and something to chew all in one happy cup. Keeps you full too.

Also, great help in clearing your bowels so, be prepared lol.


On an unrelated news, I have reunited with my long-lost buddy - Uncle Jang's Dakgalbi! Er.. I mean SooYee. Haven't seen that girl in months. Finally got the opportunity to give her my much delayed souvenir from Taiwan.

After that we went to Baskin Robbins for the pink day promo. You know the new Happy 8 promo? 8 scoops of ice-cream in a waffle cone just for RM9.90. Well RM10.50 after tax. Which means it's RM1.30 per scoop and for BR it's a pretty good deal right?...

....Until you find out how big the scoops are. I've never felt so cheated lol... I wasn't even expecting a huge scoop. Maybe slightly smaller than a golf ball. But nopes. It's even smaller than my feet's thumb wtf. About a diameter of only 3cm and I'm not even exaggerating. All hopes and dreams crushed like that..

SooYee and I were laughing at how miserably small that one scoop is. They're so stingy seriously. Here's a picture of it. You can now estimate roughly the size of it comparing it with the spoon.

Now you get what I mean.. So unless you have a lot of money to waste I seriously advise you to not get cheated by this promo. It's one of their dirty tactics to trick customers. Macklemore's Thrift Shop reference - I call that being trick by bizznuss! Oh man, now I sound like a nagging grandma. But seriously, use your money wisely and go get yourself a cone of Cornetto (they have better cones) or Magnum the next time you're craving for ice-cream alright?

Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Wow, I'm actually updating this thing three days in a row for nobody to read. Yeay! Anyway, I had a real productive day. My brain today is somewhat cooperative and functioning despite me waking up so prematurely on a freaking holiday especially when I slept pretty late last night (1am is late for me). Sleeping late has never done me good. Gives me eye-ache......you know that stuff? It's like headache, except it's for the eye.

So I had my breakfast and quickly get started on my group assignments because I got all panicky about the due dates and started imagining doomsday with sun rising from the west and metal kitchen utensils floating in the air. I always do that goddammit. Fortunate for me, ideas just kept flowing through my mind, enough for me to actually generate ideas for the campaign proposal, magazine design and video assignments woop! I was pretty pleased with myself for once lol.

My favourite assignment would actually be the magazine design. I know right, favourite assignment. Who gets a favourite assignment these days anyway. We get to design stuffs using adobe photoshop/illustrator/indesign. I'm secretly thanking my 15 year old self for learning photoshop and making my life less miserable this sem.

Well generally, it's my favourite assignment because I like art. You can say that I like it enough to actually spend my time on it. I've spent hours of my "supposingly" revision/study time to draw on something. Hey, I need a break once in a while.

It all started when my good friend got me nail polishes for my birthday thinking I need to groom myself more often.

Aha, I appreciate her so courageously bold attempt. They did turn out to be quite handy though. On most of the things that does not involve my nails. Okay I did use maybe um, 5% of it on my nails lol. The rest are on stuffs like these, if you haven't seen it (with a huge help from Sharpies!):

Aztec phone case (it was previously white)

 Floral prints mouse

My latest: Marine themed phone case

I sure as hell spent lots of time on those stuffs, but they were worth every bit. I once resided into crazy thoughts of ditching uni and make a living out of these because I'm sick of being forcefully fed academically. But then I think again, forget it. I'll probably die of toxin inhalation before I make my first thousand bucks.

So, the question I always get: why am I not doing arts? Actually, I do find myself asking the same damn thing. But there's a difference between loving something and having actual talent. I, unfortunately, don't have enough talent in arts. I mean anyone can do all that (pictures above). If you ask me to draw a portrait of someone I'm gonna...just gonna just give you a stickman. My stickman will do more justice to my poor specimen than any of my portrait attempts.

That's as far as my talent goes. Truth be told, I see myself as an all rounder. I don't suck (maybe moderately) in most of the things but I'm not good either. Sports, writing, public speaking (used to suck so bad but I'm improving), designing, dancing, end of thinking capacity.

In conclusion, I've decided that art will stay as my hobby.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Sunny Sunday

Out of the most random thoughts and random moments, I have decided to start blogging again. Stupid me of 1am this morning couldn't go to sleep because my head is having an internal party of rainbow pukes and whatnot thinking just about every existence of the whole freaking universe. My brain activity is probably too damn high for all the wrong reasons (which is why I'm not a complete genius).

Back to topic, this is attempt number 3. Attempt number 2 was a major failure because I'm pretty sure a good 50% of whatever I posted revolves around how I should blog more often- then ditched the idea as soon as I finished a post.

I used to be a frequent blogger on my first blog because I was addicted to it for god knows whatever reason out there. Maybe I was bored. No, I was more expressive and less shy at that time lol. I hated how I acted all attention seeking so eventually I changed to be less annoying (I said less) and less loud and now I'm semi-antisocial depending on my mood I'm not even joking. 

Anyway, in this blog I'm gonna try to talk just about anything that's in my mind (aka less filtered) because like that I can learn more about myself too (fyi, I don't really know myself). Keyword: try. Which is why I'm gonna keep this blog private, not locked, just private, until I feel like "promoting" it. Actually I'm not thick skinned enough to do so. The furthest I'll do is to post my link on facebook and twitter on my biography section, not as a status or tweet.

So, if you happen to stumble upon this wonderful piece of shit treasure, congratulations, you may call yourself a stalker now. :D You're either stalking my rccx2393xp code or you're back tracking my posts and I don't see a reason why you shouldn't *cough*. Here, take your trophy, I don't need it. 

I'm tired, bye.