Thursday, August 8, 2013

SDC: Genesis

I know my last post have been almost a month old, well I'm not sorry for being such a lazy prick. I shall redeem myself with a long post.

My post-finals life have never been so busy yet meaningful, fulfilling and productive. That's in terms of self-achievement though. In terms of house chores and room cleaning productivity.....let's just say the dusts managed to extend their stay in my room.

Before I continue; Disclaimer:-
*This will be a pictureless post, just bear with me lol.
**Now you know how lazy I really am.

Right after finals my scheduled was filled with the Annual Dance Production activities. We had practices almost everyday for more than two weeks. It was tiring but I regret nothing. Well maybe the part where I didn't get to accompany my mom at home much.

The 4th of August was indeed a memorable day although I started the day as the most unfreshest zombie alive- what. Couldn't sleep the night before because I was too freaking excited. Probably slept for only 5 hours. Even so, it wasn't deep sleep.

Had our final rehearsal in the morning then I went all the way back home just for a shower even when I wasn't sweating just because I had to. Went back to uni to help out and jakun around a bit because the lighting setup was amazinggg!

Then about 4.30pm we started to do our makeup. I tell you it was a disaster. I think I took a whole hour to complete my makeup and most of the time I was wondering what the heck am I doing to my face even though the process was pretty enjoyable. However, truth be told, I wasn't really digging how I look in so much makeup. Those stuffs make me look rather.....old.
Had fake lashes and the bling bling stuff on my eyes. My eyes have never felt so heavy before. Now I know how it feels like to be caked with makeup. So fuhreeking uncomfortable.

After that we waited on standby. Got to watch the first performance before I went backstage to mentally prepare myself. Their energy and charisma definitely gave me a boost of confidence and hype! Really enjoyed their performance.

So when it was one performance before my group's turn, I'm not gonna lie, I was shivering. Actually that's basically what I always do before performances and presentations lolol. It's routine. After the group before us finished, they gave us encouragement on their way out. Though it didn't help with my shivering, it made me feel somewhat better. Then the MC went on talking for what felt like forever I couldn't even concentrate on what they were saying.

Then it was the cue to go on the stage. Whoa that moment I got into character my nervousness was completely gone. Stage lights were blinding but the adrenaline rush I had basically covered up everything that was in my way. I was unstoppable. LOL. Like my sifu said, when we're on stage performing, somehow there's a feeling that makes you beam automatically.

After our first song ended we had one minute to change our clothes. I didn't have a problem with the timing just that I was more worried for my friend who would be the first to reenter the stage. So when I was changing halfway I quickly helped her zip her shirt.

And this shall be a partial confession. Sigh.

I helped her zip her shirt but I forgot to zip my pants.................................

Thank God my pants was quite fitting so yeah I don't think there were inappropriate exposures lol or at least I HOPE. Luckily I only found out after my performance so I didn't attempt to gracefully zip my pants on stage (that will look really awkward if caught on camera) or get distracted by it.

Enough attention on my pants. The rest of the performance went well. I was a little out of breath but managed to give my all. Was really proud of myself :D

After that we went to watch the rest of the show. Then there was a finale and and open dance floor, everyone was freaking high. It was the atmosphere of what seems like a club. But I can't exactly tell since I haven't been clubbing before.

Then there was the after party supper at Bumbung. To be honest I was contemplating real hard whether or not I want to go as it was already 12.30am after the cleanup and my mom already called me twice I had to persistently assure her I'll be home in one piece.

I went anyway. For the first time I stayed out so late. Feels nice to break the norm once in a while. The ride home at 2am was really cool too. Though I was a little worried driving alone at that hour partially praying I won't get stopped by the police, which thankfully I didn't. I've never seen the road so peaceful before.

Reached home around 2.30am, slept at around 5am because removing makeup was a bitch. This is why I hate wearing makeup.

I gotta say, my notable savior of the day was RedBull. It was my first time drinking that thing and at first it tasted like medicine but as I kept drinking it started to taste nice. I don't know if it's an effect from the drink that made me see everything so positively or it's just me getting used to the taste. Whatever it was, it definitely dezombified me. Felt like I consumed drugs lol.

All in all, the 4th of August was beyond awesome. Can't imagine my sem break life without this event. My stamina actually improved a lot. Not to mention, made lots of friends throughout this journey too. Apparently now it feels weird to not do anything. I need to find something to keep myself occupied and preferably not food. I've never felt so restless over the holidays before. I used to look forward to breaks so that I can sloth at home. Heck, I slothed at home for 4 months before and never felt the boredom. Now I can't stand having nothing to do.

Really proud to be part of the event. Definitely looking forward to the next project. I shall spend my days reminiscing the night with a smile. :)