Tuesday, December 31, 2013


It has been one heck of a journey throughout 2013. The year just literally pass right before our eyes. I can even remember what I did on the first day of January- I went shopping with mom and bought a dress pfft who wouldn't remember that. I can remember the Taiwan trip with my mom back in March (and the long agonizing countdown towards the trip) like it was only last week. I can remember how hectic the two semesters were yet how it felt so short, with heaps of eventful activities in between. Those memories are all still pretty vivid in my mind.

The last day of the year typically calls for a self-reflection. Much to my disappointment, I spazzingly failed to update this blog as much as I originally planned to for I have commitment issues. Overall though, I'm actually proud of my personal growth throughout the year. Not exactly sure how to put it but in a list because I'm organized like that.

1) Much more open to challenges, pushed myself to the limit and I got through!
2) Started enjoying my university life a whole lot more.
3) Became considerably a more annoying person- as in less shy, more talkative, straightforward and maybe, loud. This one goes both ways, good and bad.
4) I have enhanced my inner OCD goddess. This goes both ways too.
5) Slightly more outgoing. I'm still a home person.
6) More confident in myself. 
7) SLEEP IS FOR THE WEAK. Who am I kidding.
8) Exercising much more compared to last year (this and eating more junk came together in an inevitable package).
9) Doing more art! Amateur, but improving.
10) Baked more and some experiments with food. (In The Sims realm, this would be + points for cooking skill)
11) Still humanely evil. The keyword here is humane.
12) Found friends who brought out the best (and the worse lol) in me.
13) Goddamn, I've matured a lot my white hair is breeding on my head.
14) An even crazier chocoholic, I don't even know how this is a good thing.
15) Learned that alone time is quality time.
16) Got better at makeup. Kinda.
17) Learned to give more.
18) Figured how to refuse negativity.

Well that's all I can think of now. I may have changed but deep down I'm still that socially awkward wallflower. 

I am NOT going to write a thank you speech, but I am grateful to those who existed in my 2013. I don't have a New Year's Resolution. I've stopped doing them since 3 years ago because I never stick to them, like I said, I have commitment issues.

Honestly, if I could choose a year to relive, I'd definitely pick 2013. Yeap, the year I left teenage, became more comfortable of myself, pushed limits, break boundaries, revived from mistakes, attended my first ball, lost a dear old friend and got my sweet tooth a little out of control hehe. Goodbye, 2013 will be much missed. :)
Hello, 2014. I'm looking forward to mind-boggling events you have in stall for me! :D