Monday, July 15, 2013


I'm back from my tug-o-war with the finals (it was actually just me pulling the ropes and only having a one sided love relationship with the papers) and trust me, it was no fun at all. I'm no longer aiming for my string of As anymore, it is almost impossible. Just an average of 65-70% will do to keep my scholarship. Sigh, life.

So my one month plus sem break begins. Back on track with the post title, absent-mindedness, just to share a funny incident that happened recently.

To tell you the truth, I'm not as blur as I used to be now. Though, sometimes my mind just wonders into space like that. One time I was waiting for the lift. There were a few people waiting with me and it took a while for it to reach. When the lift came, everyone else went into the lift except me. I was looking at the lift and those people who waited for me, looked at me wondering if I wanted to use the lift. I just stood there as I watched the door close. That was the time I realized I was supposed to go onto that lift and at that time I was smiling and thinking to myself there, there, watch your lift go like you did not wait for it. I mean, I didn't want to suddenly stop the lift and embarrass myself by letting them know that they've just witnessed a live scene of how the brain of the human could process so slowly, so yeah. I did not stop the lift. I just stood there and watch the world go by.

Eventually I opted the stairs. From what I retrieved from my memory, the floor I wanted to go to (the car park) was just one floor up so it would be a really quick walk through the dangerous path. Those stairs were scary btw, nobody uses it. A drug dealer or a perverted worker could be hiding in there, waiting for a potential victim. Or so my paranoid mind likes bothering me with thoughts. I know I should never take such risk but let's be grateful nothing happened.

I was so mad at myself for being wrong about it being only one floor up. It was actually 4 floors up. Memory failure 101. I thought of taking the lift on the next floor would be weird too if I bump into the same bunch of people who waited for the lift with me. Again, I didn't wish to be the victim of their inside joke. I have a dignity to spare and I can't bare being in the same lift with them knowing they might be refraining so hard from laughing at what a joke I am so I continued my miserable journey with those flights of stairs as the punishment for my shallow mind. My life is a joke.

On another unrelated incident a few years back, I remembered searching high and low for my glasses. Being without glasses already made me partially blind, and I had to look for it. It wasn't even funny. I searched all around the house and even asked my mom if she had seen it, no she replied. So eventually I found out it was resting on my head. It was a pretty tiny pair of spectacles so it was light as feather, that's why I didn't feel it on my head. Can't believe my mom said no when I asked her. It was on my head. How could she have not seen it when I was asking her!? Pretty sure this trait is genetic. No doubts.

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